LOTus bleu's livable approach to design

Fly your design challenge by Lotus Bleu's talented team and we will share with you how much we prize warm, welcoming interiors, which are livable, lovable, and long-lasting for all. Accessibility is part of our appeal, so feel free to express your creative visions and life goals with us. We value transparency in design, which extends into our practices and process. With open doors, we give each home its unique narrative within its specific landscape, creating a seamless relationship between interior and exterior, and a place to which you always want to come home.



martis camp mountainside retreat

"Despite almost 8,000 square feet of living space, an impressive 22' peaked ceiling in the central living pavilion, an expansive master suite, and full-floor areas for each the children and guests, the clients sought us out to create a design that still felt grounded, comfortable and welcoming to all."

WEST marin ranch

"Nestled in a secluded and idyllic oasis among the rolling hills of West Marin, this award-wining modern ranch designed for an active family of five prioritized low-key comfort and flexible, approachable spaces. Making the new construction feel more lived-in, we gave it a vintage farmhouse quality..."