Liberty Hill living - Fraise family home

Initially furnished with a mix of formal family heirlooms and treasures collected over 22 years of global travel, the Victorian double parlor at the front of our house felt static until we adapted the vibrant color palette and innovative spatial design of the room we designed at the previous year’s San Francisco Decorator’s Showcase. The final result was an updated, dynamic space that is warm, welcoming and well-used by our family of four.

By replacing a heavy, 12-person table centered in the dining room with a smaller 8-person round glass-topped pedestal table which was pushed against a built-in nook in the bay window, the room was opened up to many more uses. The extra-deep bench seat is perfect for accommodating up to three guests at larger dinner parties or cozy enough to lie down for an afternoon nap. A stunning sculptural grouping of ceramic pendants is the central fixture in the room while the open rug space below provides a place for the kids to play amongst themselves or for the family to gather for games.

Similarly in the living room, where there is space dedicated to a formal seating area for entertaining, my vintage Thai desk finds a perfect home in the corner. Opening out to the dining room, each child has their own mini mid-century desk, set against a wallpaper-covered bulletin board wall on which art, photos and mementos hang.

While seemingly incongruent, the mix of formal vs informal and precious vs. everyday come together in the overall harmonious color palette of hot pink, red and green, grounded in black and gray neutrals. This color scheme is woven throughout the varied design elements, from graphically-patterned textiles, wallpapers and rugs, to lacquered furnishings, ceramic accessories and lighting.

Essentially putting our showcase theme to the test of real modern family living, we not only doubled the actively used square footage of our home, but also ended up with rooms that are inspiring and sophisticated as they are functional and easy to maintain.