welcome to our market!

The Lotus Bleu boutique returns in the form of an online market, with specialty collections sourced by our founder, Jeannie Fraise.  Discovered in countries to which she and her family have visited around the globe,  each themed collection will feature one-of-a-kind treasures with one or more of the characteristic Lotus Bleu hallmarks: bold and whimsical patterns, vibrant hues, rich textures, time-honored artisanal craftsmanship, and always with a modern twist!  Each piece will be a limited edition original design, which means if you're longing for that special piece, snag it before it's gone!  

In some instances, we can try to source a similar product, but each item is absolutely unique so an exact replacement will not be available.  For Bay Area local clients, our products can be viewed in person in our San Francisco Potrero Hill studio by appointment.  Please inquire through orders@lotusbleudesign.com.


First stop: Istanbul, Turkey

Steeped in history, the ancient city of Istanbul bridges the East and the West, geographically straddling Asia and Europe.  As the convergence point of many cultures, the goods offered in the Istanbul markets span a wide range of styles, but the intricately embroidered silk suzanis from the Central Asian region and densely-piled wool and mohair tulu rugs from the Anatolian region caught Jeannie's eye during her visit.  Concurrently, our clients, on whose house we had just started designing, owned a pair of brilliantly colored suzanis, which became the foundation of the color scheme for their Master Suite.

Swooning over the rainbow of bright colors, fine craftsmanship, lively patterns, and dramatic textures, Jeannie's merchandising fancy was reignited, resulting in our offering of limited, one-of-a-kind pieces to our most loyal Lotus Bleu network of clients and friends.  Having experienced first hand how these sumptuous textiles add character and visual depth to an interior, we have curated this collection to include unique textiles, pillows, rugs and furniture.  Hues range from neutrals in ivory and rose, to black and white, sapphire/indigo, to vivid red, burnt orange and fuchsia.  Whether you lay a luscious rug on the floor, hang up a suzani tapestry on the wall or layer it over the back of a sofa, pop a pillow on the sofa or your bed, these gems will make any space sparkle.