Room for Play

A playful spirit and approach to design couldn’t be more applicable or central to Lotus Bleu. It’s one of our greatest strengths and what makes us most proud. When someone remarks on how happy and joyful a space we created makes them feel, whether it's a client or magazine editor, we know we have succeeded. 

We make modern family living inspirational and original, yet practical and functional, for both little and “big” kids alike. We focus not only on the aesthetics, but also on the organizational. Without the latter, the former looses its luster all too quickly. We don’t create museums, but livable spaces that stand wear and tear, are cleverly flexible, and can be used by all.

Our designs for children’s rooms aren’t just for children. They start refreshingly transitional and continue to grow with their inhabitants. And our playrooms aren’t just for child’s play. They are cool enough to be teen hangouts and meant to be gathering spaces for the entire family.

Our twist on all tween is achieved through the use of brightly colored textiles, teamed with lively organic motifs from larger-than-life mushrooms and graphic branches to prancing deer, flying birds and crawling turtles, paired with more global influences like Moroccan stars, Turkish tiles, and Central Asian ikats. 

This balance is at the heart of Lotus Bleu; whether it's in the design of an individual child’s room or the thoughtfully developed scheme for an entire home remodel, there is always room for play.