Corsica Mediterranean Villa

The design and building of this Mediterranean villa situated on the French island of Corsica was a true labor of love, requiring the coordination of numerous artisans over several years and continents. Perched over the dramatic cliffs on the southeast coast near the breathtaking city of Bonifaccio, the home is a private retreat for a family to come together each summer.

Respecting and preserving the pristine landscape was a priority and set the stage for the color palette. The soft coral pinks and creams of the native stone and earth are reflected on the main living level and its adjacent master suite, while the deep blue and turquoise waters are central hues to the lower level guest bedrooms and pool house.

To create a dynamic and cohesive design in the muted and often monochromatic formal living areas, varied textiles and materials were selected with richly layered patterns and textures with finishes in shell, bone, frosted glass, parchment, lacquer, natural oak, rattan and bamboo.

Primarily being a place to bring their children and grandchildren together, the clients prized practicality, comfortable and durable outdoor fabrics for both the interior and exterior furnishings and window treatments. With expansive rooms being the norm, large-scale and flexible furnishings were used including pieces that can accommodate large and small gatherings alike, making it a welcoming place for all.