the lotus bleu approach 

Whether refurbishing a vintage lounge chair frame in a fabulous fabric from our carefully curated collection, putting together a stunning furnishings scheme, or coordinating a highly-crafted full-scale renovation, our goal is to give your project a strong vision customized to who you are and how you live and make it a reality.

layering color, pattern and texture

We set the stage by bringing together a selection of materials to inspire a layered and dynamic design scheme: paint swatches, fabric, wallpaper and rug samples, wood and metal finishes, and more. Combining these tactile elements with inspirational images, furniture tear sheets, and room layouts, the direction of your individualized project takes shape.

finessing ideas into existence

If you're ready for a room remodel, full-scale renovation or new construction, we delve even further into our extensive library of wood, tile, stone, countertop, window treatment, and fitting and fixture samples. Moving seamlessly from customized furnishings to customized cabinetry, tile layouts, light fixtures, wall treatments, and more, our designs are brought to life in detailed elevations and floor plans meticulously rendered by hand or in AutoCAD.



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"One of the things I appreciate so much in working with Jeannie is her ability to take our fledgling ideas at the beginning of a project, translate them into concrete goals, and with her team, turn them into a reality.  They made the design process for our two complex projects efficient, convenient, and effortless for us.  The implementation always went smoothly and we had a "turn key" welcome into each new home.  Jeannie really understands the value of creating spaces that are livable and maintainable while also being engaging and original.  We especially appreciate how comfortable our children and guests are in our home and how easily the spaces Jeannie designed adapt to the ways our family grows." 

— Regan Pritzker, Client

"I was drawn to Jeannie’s work because of its playfulness and creativity. Jeannie and her team have helped us design a home that’s the perfect balance of peaceful, practical and fun. Their attention to detail is superb, and on top of everything, they are wonderful people.

Jeannie and her team are able to find furniture, fabric, fixtures and other items that fit perfectly with our needs and work beautifully together. The result is much better than I could ever achieve on my own. I also appreciate Jeannie’s knack for creative problem solving when tricky design challenges arise. 

Furthermore, Jeannie and her team have the highest integrity. In the rare instances when they’ve made a mistake, they’ve taken responsibility for making things right. Jeannie also has been a skillful advocate for us when we engage with other professionals like contractors and architects. It’s great to know that she’s in our corner." 

— Private Client, Previous and Existing

"Lotus Bleu Design has been a true partner to us in making sure we have a comfortable and beautiful home. We've worked with Jeannie and her team twice now, the first time on a couple of small projects in our former home and more recently on a much larger-scale effort in our new home. The Lotus Bleu team brought all the creativity, outside examples, familiarity with the design world, and good taste we expected, but they were also very attuned to what we were seeking in terms of cost, look, and comfort. Our home looks gorgeous, and is wonderfully suited to family life."  

— Sarah Wigglesworth, Client

“Jeannie Fraise is enthusiastic, fun and enjoyable to work with. She produces beautiful design work that is considered down to the last detail. The Lotus Bleu team is professional, organized and easy to communicate with, making the project a win-win for all parties especially the homeowner. We love collaborating with Jeannie and her team and look forward to many projects ahead.” 

— Jeff King, President, Jeff King & Company, Fine Home Construction

"We've known Jeannie Fraise and her amazing team at Lotus Bleu for 10 years, and have had the privilege of producing custom fabrics and wallpapers for many of their beautiful projects.   They have great love for pattern and color, as we do, and are total professionals in how they approach each order.   Every time I visit their office from Philadelphia, I am blown away by how joyful their space is and how supportive they are of studio-based artisans like us."  

— Ephraim Paul, Co-owner, Galbraith & Paul, Fine Artisan and American-made Textile Company

“I've had the great pleasure of working with Jeannie for more than a decade. Not only is she one of the most talented interior designers I know, she is one of my favorite people. I greatly admire her ability to effortlessly layer color, texture, and pattern in her designs, and I have written about her and featured her work in publications including The San Francisco Chronicle, California Home+Design, C magazine, and Organic Spa.” 

— Jennie Nunn, Freelance Writer and Editor

"I had always loved her aesthetic. It is original, eclectic and happy."

— Meagan Nye, Client