Isle of Skye, Scotland

When one thinks of Scotland, images of verdant rolling hills, majestic munros, and dramatically rugged coastlines come to mind.  Our visit to its magnificent Isle of Skye checked off our expectations of experiencing those beautiful landscapes. 

Driving far out to the picturesque town of Uig, we arrived in the late evening at the charming village with its quaint bay.  Here you have the choice of heading to the port, the general store with its organic provisions, or the friendly local coffee shop filled with vintage finds and local art mixed with books or souvenirs from previous visitors.

Just like the laid-back vibe of the town, Uig is home to the most charming boutique hostel called the "Cowshed" for its literal cowshed like pods spread out over the lush hills behind its main lodge.

With sheep roaming freely or running (from my kids!) and spectacular views, the micro-barn abodes snugly fit our family of four.

Its welcoming atmosphere and surprisingly affordable budget made it a wonderful place to stay, and the distinctly modern interiors of its communal lodge were an extra-special bonus.  

With large windows looking out onto the bay, the soft green and blue color palette in the lodge captured its lush surroundings.

Complemented by gray concrete shelves for the fireplace logs, white-washed walls and cabinetry, modern stainless steel appliances and light fixtures, upholstered leather and wool seating in muted but fresh hues, and playful contemporary accents like faux log poufs, the Cowshed is far from a typical farmhouse. 

for-web-Cowshed Communcal Living Rm.jpg

Watching families cook together in the bustling communal kitchen and gather at the shared tables, it's a perfect place to relax after a long day (or teach your kids what the game of PacMan is and how to play!)  


Rising in the early morning to the misty fog over the bay, we checked out of the hotel and headed over to the nearby and not-to-be-missed Fairy Glen national park.

The green. mossy carpet covering the landscape was soothing and peaceful and walking through it, you could almost imagine fairies prancing around it (or my children laughing and running with glee especially at the sight of more sheep).  With our last destination before reaching the mainland again to be Portree (location of the Dulse and Brouse), we completed our tour of the island by car, stopping to take mini-hikes around the breathtaking edge of the Quiraing, an area considered to be one of most beautiful mountain ranges in Scotland.